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Living with Neurofibromatosis Frances’s story! Learn about NF1!

What it does –Neurofibromatosis can give you neurofibromas, which are bumps, or tumors on nerves. The kids who have it use more energy to think. It also can be called NF1. It also can make it harder to focus. It is rare. It can get a lot more serious.

This is an x-ray picture of a kid with neurofibromatosis, and a glioma, or nerve tumor, on the optic nerve in the eye.   These tumors can sometimes make it harder to see.  Not all kids with NF1 get these.


pic.credit given to:http://www.pic search .com/neurofibromatosis-pichures html

There is no cure for NF1. Not a lot of people have it.


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